Cyber Choices

Helping to divert young people away from cyber crime

The national Cyber Choices network aims to:

  • Educate young people about the dangers and penalties of getting involved in cyber crime
  • Educate young people about opportunities in cyber security
  • Divert those on the cusp of committing cyber crime
  • Manage the highest risk cyber offenders

Find out about the law online, cyber security careers and contact the team by visiting the National Crime Agency Cyber Choices page.

Learn how to develop your cyber skills with Cyber Choices: Hacking it legal, a resource developed with 12-17 year olds in mind.

Cyber Choices Brochures

Please see our Cyber Choices brochures for helpful guidance, you can download them to read at your leisure.

Cyber Choices Ages 12-17 Years

Cyber Choices Computer Mis-Use Act

Cyber Choices Over 18s

Cyber Choices Parents, Guardians, and Carers

Cyber Choices Resources

Cyber Choices Teachers

Cyber Choices Under 12s