Why is a strong, secure password is important

Passwords are an important part of your online security. As computers get quicker, passwords become easier to crack and care must be taken to ensure they are as secure as possible. If you have multiple online accounts, consider using a password manager. This software can store all your passwords across all your devices.

Follow our password advice to create a fresh complicated passphrase.

Many accounts use personal questions for password resets – consider changing the answers to these. Remember to store the new data somewhere secure so you can remember them when needed! Perpetrators will often know, or try and guess your passwords from the information they know about you, so following this advice will ensure they cannot access your accounts.

We recognise that removing all access to accounts may escalate risk in certain circumstances – particularly if perpetrators fear they may be losing an element of control. If you think this may apply to you, then the creation of new accounts and passwords may better reflect your personal safety plan.