Business services to help you become more cyber resilient

Cyber security advice for organisations, businesses, charities, clubs and schools. Protecting yourself and your business does not need to be a complicated process.

The North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit (NERCCU) offer free advice, guidance and a range of services to ensure you have the basics in place.

Cyber Basic Review

Prepare yourself for cyber essentials accreditation

Cyber Exercising

A cyber attack simulation to test your incident response plans


Understand the risks businesses face

Police Cyber Alarm

Targeted threat intelligence for businesses

Staff Training and Awareness

Find out how staff can be your strongest or weakest asset

Vulnerability Assessment

A scan of your public infrastructure to find vulnerabilities

Further Support


A virtual neighbourhood watch where you can share threat intel

Latest Threats

Current trends and threats that we are seeing across the region

National Advice and Guidance

A comprehensive knowledgebase from our partners at the NCSC

Resources for Business

Helpful links to some of our partners