National Advice and Guidance

A comprehensive knowledgebase from our partners at the NCSC

We are key partners of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and work together with other industry partners to offer support to businesses, organisations and communities across the North East. For specific advice and guidance in relation to communities and individuals see our At Home page.

The NCSC website has a wealth of excellent information to help support businesses, organisations and charities in their cyber security endeavours. Below are some of the useful resources produced by the NCSC which could help your organisation.

NCSC All Topics

From Access Control to Vulnerabilities, the NCSC have provided information on all topics important to consider as part of your cyber security.

NCSC Top Tips for Staff

An E-learning package created by the NCSC aimed at staff within organisations and what they can do to stay safe online.

NCSC Board Toolkit

The NCSC board toolkit is aimed at facilitating conversations between the board and those responsible for security.

Small Business Guide

The small business guide offers practical, achievable advice for businesses which will help increase resilience in cyber space.

Response and Recovery Guide

Plan and prepare for a cyber incident so you can minimise the impact an attack will have should it happen.

Defending your organisation from phishing attacks

Learn what steps to take in order to make your business more resilient to phishing attacks.