Who we are and how we can help

Discover how we can help you be more resilient in the fight against fraud and economic crime

Who we are

The RECCC is made up of a detective sergeant and four engagement officers.

Patrick O'Keefe

Patrick O’Keefe


With 20 years of policing experience, half of which has been dedicated to tackling organised crime at the North East Regional Organised Crime Unit (NEROCU). I have spent much of my career pursuing the criminals that cause the highest levels of harm within our communities.

Since 2019 I have been focussed on the threat posed by economic crime. Understanding the scale of the threat and what is required to manage the risks it poses to all of us is critical in developing a stronger more resilient region and country.

Supported by our 3 constituent forces Cleveland Police, Durham Constabulary and Northumbria Police, NEROCU has evolved our response to the threat posed and developed the RECCC.

Not only seeking to pursue those who seek to cause us harm but also improving the intelligence and understanding we have, sharing this learning through both the public and private sectors, and working alongside partners to create a stronger more resilient North East.

I have the privilege of leading a fantastic team who work tirelessly with organisations across the region helping them to raise awareness and better prepare themselves, their staff and their customers so that they can identify the risks associated with economic crime and avoid financial loss.

Our work with the FinTech sector in the Northeast has been particularly rewarding. As key enablers and disrupters within financial services the impact of these organisations can not be underestimated in keeping us safe.

Furthermore the growth and influence of this sector both nationally and closer to home in the North East sees new investment and the creation of jobs which also contributes to the financial wellbeing of our communities.

Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Police Constable

I joined the RECCC in 2021, having worked within front line, neighbourhood, project policing and latterly within the police intelligence unit. I joined the team looking for a new challenge and was somewhat surprised at the scale of the problem.

I have already worked with a diverse range of people, companies and organisations – and enjoy coming up with solutions to make everyone more resilient in the fight against fraud and economic crime.

Of particular interest has been working with academics and seeking/developing research ideas in order to positively change opinions, behaviours and attitudes around economic crime.

Megan Turner

Megan Turner

Police Constable

I joined policing in 2019 through the Police Now graduate programme, attached to a neighbourhood policing team. In 2022 I moved to my current role on the RECCC in order to be involved in tackling serious organised crime.

I have a particular interest in Romance Fraud and like that my role gives me the opportunity to be out in the community talking to a variety of people from different backgrounds.

Andrew Hampton

Andrew Hampson

Police Constable

After working in Response, Engagement, Vulnerability and Neighbourhood Policing, I applied to join the RECCC in 2023 due to the drive and reputation of the team.

I believe my strengths are in problem solving and building working partnerships, both of which are an integral part of the job. The scale of fraud and economic crime is such that every intervention counts, it’s up to us to ensure those interventions are positive and valuable.

My concentration since joining has been on creating an engagement network amongst businesses, voluntary organisations, education providers and local authorities: Building Resilience Against Fraud.

How we can help

The RECCC provides detailed information, training and support via various delivery methods on the fraud threats and trends, individual and organisational risks and the harm caused by fraud and economic crime. We work closely with the City of London Police, the national lead force for fraud and economic crime.

In collaboration with specialist economic crime officers from Cleveland Police, Durham Constabulary and Northumbria Police, we deliver products and services, reduce risk and increase resilience within the region across the fraud and economic threat landscape.

Utilising the ‘4P’ approach to tackling fraud and economic crime, we look to:


Against the threat of fraud and economic crime.


By mitigating against the harm caused by fraud and economic crime.


Those susceptible, to pursuing a life of fraud and economic crime.


Those engaging in offences relating to fraud and economic crime.