Lesson Plans

The NCA key stage 3 lesson plans relating to cyber crime

This guidance accompanies the National Crime Agency (NCA) lessons for key stage 3.

The lessons aim to raise awareness of the risks associated with cybercrime, including the reasons why young people may engage in criminal activity online and its impact on both individuals and the wider community. Please read and consider this guidance first, before delivering the lessons.

The presentation files require Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer.

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Teacher Guidance

Lesson One – Causes of Cyber Crime

This is the first of two lessons on cybercrime, designed with the support of the National Crime Agency (NCA) and National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), which explore the causes and effects of cybercrime for young people and increase their resilience to cybercrime.

Lesson One Presentation

Lesson One Plan

Lesson One Resources

Lesson Two – Effects of Cyber Crime

This is the second of the two lessons plans from the National Crime Agency on cybercrime. Young people are increasingly engaging in acts of cybercrime, often having been encouraged to do so by criminals in hacking forums or via online gaming.

These two key stage 3 lesson plans explore the risks involved in committing cybercrime, and will help your students to recognise and avoid the techniques used to manipulate young people online.

Lesson Two Presentation

Lesson Two Plan

Lesson Two Resources