Cyber Club

Resources for children and teenagers to test your cyber skills

This is a great list of online resources for young people of all ages and lets you explore different topics relating to computing.

Cyber Land

Cyber Land is a series of 16 fun interactive online games that are suitable for all ages and ability.

By working your way through Cyber Land’s immersive activities you will learn about key cyber concepts such as firewalls, public Wi-Fi and phishing emails. You will learn how to stay safe online as well as strengthening the skills you will need for a career in tech or information security.

Virtual Cyber School

Thousands of young people are being offered the chance to join a virtual cyber security school as part of plans to make sure the country develops the next generation of professional cyber defenders.

Teens can learn how to crack codes, fix security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails while progressing through the game as a cyber agent. This will help them develop important skills needed for future jobs, particularly in cyber security.

The school provides free weekly webinars run by industry experts teaching fundamental security disciplines such as digital forensics, cryptography and operating systems.

Resources for young people

Code Club

Code Club is a global network of free coding clubs for 9–13 year olds. provides free courses for all ages, including Hour of Code and more.

CoderDojo NE Points System

CoderDojo NE Points System run free volunteer coding clubs where young people can learn to code.

CREST Awards

CREST Awards is a project-based STEM scheme for 11-18 year olds.

Cyber Security Challenge

Cyber Security Challenge has a great amount of information – look up their careers page to see inspired careers, typical roles & internships.

Also make sure to check out their NCA Prevent Campaign page to see the work we have done together – this includes a game on the Computer Misuse Act, and a lesson plan for teachers. Most importantly, look at their challenges web page to see how children can compete.


GCHQ provides support and guidance to make the UK safe, whilst pioneering a new kind of security for an ever more complex world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free online resources for all ages in different topics including computing.

Pocket Code

Pocket Code is a free app for android users for children to learn code – recommended by the CREST Awards – link requires an Android device.

Sunderland Software City

Sunderland Software City run coding clubs and events for young people.

UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency organise events and programmes open to the public with activities for young children.