Reporting Advice

The correct reporting methods to ensure an efficient response

Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for all fraud and cybercrime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you have been a victim of a cyber attack, report it to Action Fraud.

If anyone is in danger of immediate harm, please dial 999.

If you have not been a victim there are other ways you can report suspicious activity, details are provided below.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online? Make a report to one of CEOP’s Child Protection Advisors.

Cleveland Police

Online services for Cleveland Constabulary; report a crime, get help and advice and read the latest news and appeals.

Durham Police

Durham Constabulary is the territorial police force responsible for policing County Durham and Darlington in North East England.

NCSC Incident Reporting

If you are an Operator of Essential Services (OES) under the NIS Directive, please use the form on the NCSC website. This is applicable for any cyber incident which you feel requires NCSC’s support (for action) or is for wider interest (for information).

NCSC Vulnerability Reporting

Report a vulnerability with a UK Government online service.

Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police is the territorial police service responsible for policing the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear, as well as the ceremonial county of Northumberland.

Phishing Emails

To report a suspected phishing email, forward it to the NCSC’s Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS):

Reporting Hate Crime

The police don’t tolerate hate crime. Why should you? Help to stop hate crime.

Scam Text Messages

To report a suspected scam text message (Smishing), forward by SMS it to 7726.

Cyber Choices/Prevent Referral Form

NERSOU Cyber Choices team will accept referrals for Cyber Dependant crime only. Both Cyber Dependant and Cyber Enabled crimes must be recorded in accordance with NCRS, with Cyber Dependant crimes then being referred to NERSOU Cyber Choices.